Lunar Legends Come to Life During Mid-Autumn Celebrations in Hong Kong

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 21 September, when the full moon stirs ancient sentiments as relatives come together from far and near to celebrate. The round shape of the moon symbolizes unity in the Chinese culture with families offering spherical shaped fruits – and of course mooncakes to the heavens as thanks for an abundant harvest season.

Nowadays in Hong Kong, it is impossible to not come across copious amounts of mooncakes, which are believed to have been created during the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) by revolutionaries to pass secret messages between each other within the pastries.

Shops are also decorated with brightly coloured lanterns, which on the night of the festival are typically carried by children when families go outside to observe the full moon. The grandest lantern carnival usually takes place on the evening of the eighth full moon of the lunar calendar at Victoria Park located in way Bay. With massive lantern displays, a cultural program with traditional dances and songs, this is a great opportunity to see and experience the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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