Hanoi’s West Lake is a Spiritual Center

West Lake in Hanoi has been well documented throughout the capital’s history. Its 17 kilometer circumference is the site of a number of historic houses and places of interest, including Vietnam’s oldest pagoda. The lake provides a peaceful oasis in the city where both locals and tourists can be seen relaxing in the surrounding gardens, practicing Tai Chi or sipping coffee close to its banks.

To reveal the historic culture of this area, Destination Asia Vietnam created a West Lake Spiritual Discovery program that commences with a visit to the ancient Hoang An pagoda in Quang Ba Village. After a light snack we take a walking tour of the local market and an area known for its lotus-tea making houses. We then transfer to Yen Phu Village on the opposite shore of the lake. This village specializes in two successful trades – breeding ornamental fish and the making of incense. The perfect ending comes when guests join together for an extensive and delicious Vietnamese meal.

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