Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) is a mixed-use development at Singapore’s Changi Airport that opened earlier this month. It includes gardens and attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities and over 300 retail and dining facilities. The complex covers a total gross floor area of 137,000m², spanning 10 storeys (five storeys above-ground and five basement storeys). Attractions include the HSBC Rain Vortex, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, Shiseido Forest Valley, a multi-storey indoor garden and Canopy Park at the topmost level featuring gardens and leisure facilities. The Jewel’s glass and steel façade is designed by a consortium of architects, led by Moshe Safie who also designed Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. The glass panels of the dome are framed in steel which rests on a complex latticework, evoking the appearance of traditional glass conservatories. At night, the glowing dome is visible from all surrounding areas.

Jewel was designed to combine a marketplace and an urban park. The component of the traditional mall is combined with the experience of nature, culture, education and recreation, aiming to provide an uplifting experience. Take a tour of Jewel Changi Airport here.

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