Kick-Start Your Beijing Program

Destination Asia China is continually on the look-out for new ways to explore their incredible country; and the E-kick scooter is a fantastic new addition to the list of options. Save your legs and hop onto an electric scooter; a few kicks and you are on your way down side alleys, along pathways and into the heart of Beijing. This exciting and fun way of exploring one of the world’s most mesmerizing cities is ideal for small groups of between two and seven people.

These safe and easy-to-ride scooters provide a more intimate way to explore Beijing’s hutongs and areas away from the busy roads. Every tour is led by a local expert, an experienced westerner who lives in Beijing and can provide an insight to the area’s past. Along with the provision of all necessary equipment (scooter, helmet, map), there is also a lunch included with an extra stop in the winter months for a glass of mulled wine (or a coffee), to keep warm.

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