Heading Off-Track and Into Local Saigon

A truly local excursion developed for those who wish to see the authentic side of Saigon, exploring its vibrant streets by venturing away from the touristy areas and into some of the lesser-known parts of the city to unearth its hidden gems. Weaving a series of cultural encounters and sites of intrigue, our expert guide introduces guests to the Museum of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine and Vietnam Quoc Tu pagoda as a start to the program.


From the museum we walk to a nearby local flower market where flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes arrive at a frantic pace.

We continue with a walk along Ho Thi Ki Street toward Hung Vuong Street. Myriad alleyways allow guests to easily absorb the daily life of the local people who rarely see tourists passing by. One of our favorite places to introduce visitors to is a hidden coffee shop that wouldn’t be found without local knowledge – the Vung Oi Mo Cua Ra Coffee Shop. A charming gem with candles, antiques littered around the place and rows of pictures from the 1970’s. Here guests can relax and enjoy the music as long as they want.

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