King of the Road in George Town

“Rriing-Rriing…….” A man is peddling a trishaw, with two foreign tourists sitting in front. The trishaw man is carrying his lovely customers for a sightseeing tour around George Town. During the 1960s, the trishaw was a kind of luxury transportation method – it was the ‘king of the road’. Nowadays it has been transformed into an iconic mode of transport for tourists to explore the charming George Town in a leisurely manner.

A trishaw man, known as “Abdul”, has peddled his trishaw around Penang for more than 30 years. He thoroughly enjoys the moments when he enlightens his customers with the histories of Penang. “I am pretty sure that the evocative feeling of sitting on the trishaw is an unforgettable experience for the tourist because we can ferry them into the alley and small lanes that big cars and buses cannot go in,” Abdul said. Abdul said that he loves this job very much because he could meet and communicate with different people from all around the world every day.

For those visiting Penang, the trishaw ride is a must-try to enjoy the nostalgic sight of George Town in the fresh open air, with every piece of stonework and decoration within reach.

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