Traditional Weaving and Dying Experience in Nyaung Shwe

A Little Loom is a weaving project run in the compound of A Little Eco Lodge to support the practice of Inle Silk Zin-me (Tie-Dye). The lodge itself is a small family-run business, founded on the shores of Inle Lake and adheres to responsible business practice, actively recruits staff from the surrounding communities.

Your clients can now learn the basics to spinning cotton by sitting down with a staff member and practicing on a working loom. This hands-on experience is extremely rewarding and reveals a pastime not often seen nowadays. The use of natural dyes taken from leaves, fruits and barks are explained before everyone is given the chance to prepare their own dye extract and apply it to a pre-prepared cotton scarf. After dying, the scarf is hung to dry in the shade before taken home as a cherished keepsake. Complete the day by enjoying a delicious meal amidst the scenic beauty of the Shan mountains and Kan Daw Dam.

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