Learn About Laotian Life at the NamKhan Project

NamKhan means “water” and “river” in Lao, and is also the name of the river on which this sustainable project is located. The NamKhan Project aims to both preserve and promote the culture of Laos and its ties to the land and nature. Its sustainable initiative include not exploiting the earth’s natural resources, while educating visitors. The use of clay and bamboo in workshops are an excellent example of how we can use natural resources to create beautiful items, which can then be easily recycled or used to nurture and sustain the earth.

In 2016, the 8 hectare site NamKhan now sits on was a disused area of river frontage, previously used as a teak plantation. The land had to undergo treatment to rid the soil of poisonous toxins from the teak. Since its regeneration, the NamKhan Project has developed a farm and center able to offer; eco farm tours, basket weaving activities, pottery and unique private events.

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