The Artistic Aspect of Tokyo’s Glamorous Ginza

In anticipation of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Destination Asia Japan has launched a tour showcasing the unique architecture and art of one of the world’s most glamorous regions: Ginza.

Being the most expensive place in the world (estimated at 570,000USD/sqm), many upscale brands choose Ginza as the location for their flagship stores, which showcase leading contemporary designs built by world-famous architects. At the same time, some European-style buildings still stand, preserving their old forms which were vogue at the time. Destination Asia is proud to offer a special tour to highlight some of the most outstanding designs in the area, running the gamut from early modern architecture to contemporary high-tech designs. An expert architectural guide will take guests on a journey to see incredible flagship stores for high-end brands, such as Maison Hermes and Mikimoto Ginza 2. In stark contrast, classic designs such as the Kabuki Theatre and the Wako Building stand nearby, showcasing the coexistence of old and new – a characteristic which Japan is famous for.

We have also partnered with local art galleries, some of the oldest in the country, to give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience not offered by other DMCs. An expert curator will guide guests to hidden galleries known only to locals of the area. Featured collections range from ancient Japanese works to modern contemporary media, curated and on rotation throughout the year. The visited galleries can even be adjusted to guests’ tastes and preferences – Ginza has just about anything one might want, if you know where to find it!

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