Local Life at Koh Klang Fishing Community Village

Embark on a journey back in time with a visit to Koh Klang community village. Women in handmade batik skirts crack open roasted cashew-nuts, old men teach their grandsons how to carve boats, fresh fish are laid out under a heavy sun and water buffalo graze in the surrounding rice fields. Koh Klang lies just across the river from Krabi Town, but is a world away from the tourism hotspots of its neighbor. Ko Klang has preserved the old ways of southern Thai Muslim culture, where visitor can see the living relationships between islanders and the sea, observing daily life as tides rise and fall. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves waiting to be explored by long tail boat. In addition to experiencing the bountiful natural landscape and culture, visitors can also enjoy local life by trying some of the traditional activities that can be found taking place.

Guests will discover an unchanged way of island life. In the early morning we visit the local market in Krabi town where the farmers sell their fresh products. Stroll through the old town, visit a dim-sum breakfast shop, jump on a long tail boat and watch monkeys swing through the trees along the river bank. Our program provides a unique and intriguing journey into the dynamics of a well preserved and traditional way of life in southern Thailand.

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