Unearth the Ancient Burial Sites of Sabah with the Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Some 25 years ago, before the Borneo Rainforest Lodge was built, a series of limestone holes were found on a cliff edge, deep within Danum Valley’s primary rainforest. It was established that this was an ancient burial site belonging to the Sugpan tribe, who once traversed the forest centuries ago.

According to carbon samples, the remains were at least 250 years old. It was believed that warriors and tribal leaders were accorded the highest niches for their resting places. Nowadays, the descendants of the Sugpan tribe are still living along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah and are known as Orang Sungai (River People).

Winding its way behind the lodge and uphill to the highest point in the conservation area, the Coffin Cliff Trail is one of Danum Valley’s finest tracks. The trail leads hikers to the ancient pagan burial site, now submerged by the jungle and capturing just how destructively allusive time can be.

Occupying the northern region of the world’s third-largest island of Borneo, Sabah harbours giant swathes of pristine jungle carved by gushing rivers that create one of the world’s most captivating natural landscapes. Here, more than anywhere else, intrepid travellers can connect with the landscape, its indigenous people and wildlife with ease.

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