Bar Cycle Siem Reap Pedals into Town

The latest addition to Siem Reaps’ nightlife is Cambodia’s first Bar Cycle – a unique and fun way to experience the town! The concept is a rolling bar seating 12 passengers. A charismatic local host and driver are provided to commentate and navigate the streets of Siem Reap while the clients provide the pedal power! Having said that, the bar has three different modes to operate, pedal only, pedal with battery assist and battery only, so no need to worry about over pedaling if you don’t want to and you can enjoy Bar Cycle safe in the knowledge that it is emission free.

Experiences typically run for two hours around the main market and riverside area and include unlimited beer, soft drinks, water, a host, Wi-Fi, music selection and of course a lot of fun.

Furthermore, we are able to tailor custom experiences for any special occasions or small groups, large families and even as a special form of transport for a group of executives from an incentive group. Examples, aside from the beer option, could be a champagne and cheese tour, cocktails and canapés, brunch tours and Karaoke tours. The Bar Cycle itself is affectionately named Miss Daisy.

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