Spectacular Digital Art Museum ‘teamLab Borderless’ Open in Tokyo

MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM by teamLab Borderless takes visitors into a completely new world where over 520 computers and 470 projectors create 50 unique installations to experience with body and mind. This is no traditional museum, covering a space of 10,000 square meters, ‘teamLab’ (the creative group behind the concept), has combined art with technology to create five worlds featuring distinct characteristics. Unlike a normal museum, there are no maps or directions. The visitor can truly explore the place at their own pace.

Once you enter the building, you will quickly lose your sense of direction. Time itself passes in almost an irregular fashion – as if the very space exists on a plane of its own. This unfathomable space is why teamLab has chosen to call their exhibit, Borderless. This is, in their own words, “a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other and have the same concept of time as the human body.”

At the end of tour, don’t forget to try neo-futuristic tea ceremony. As soon as tea is poured, intricate projection mapped flowers start blooming in your cup! Each sip of the tea changes the effects and colours, so enjoy an almost limitless amount of possibilities in Japan’s oldest tradition combined with their latest technology.

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