Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Akha Tribe in Thailand

Set amidst Chiang Rai’s Doi Mae Salong mountain range, the Lo Yo community stands today as a truly authentic Akha village. Most notably, their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions are, in one way or another, all linked to the natural world. Surrounded by forest, this has enabled the community to maintain a sustainable and healthy way of life. Rich green rice paddies and fresh, pollution-free air provide natural healing for any visitor coming from a big city. Travelers can now experience this simple way of living with the chance to engage and take part in activities such as learning some of the language with senior villagers, joining a cooking class with the village’s top cooks, preparing their much-loved chili paste and discovering how to create Akha crafts.

Around the village you’ll see children joining games such as wooden tops, stilts, and wooden downhill race carts, those with the energy can join in too. Set amidst magnificent mountain scenery, the fresh air and lush green environment, the most difficult part of this program is leaving.

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