Preserving Ancient Handicrafts at the Bat Trang Ceramics Museum

Located in Hanoi’s renowned Bat Trang Ceramics Village and owned by revered artisan Vu Duc Thang, the Bat Trang Ceramics Museum aims to preserve ancient handicrafts passed down through generations. Based on the design of a pottery wheel, construction of the museum is currently ongoing and is being developed as a result of rapid urbanization within villages surrounding Hanoi and changes in household living patterns in the region.

The Bat Trang Ceramics Village is a 14th-century ceramics village near Hanoi and houses local artisans who combine both traditional and modern techniques to create beautiful porcelain artworks. The exquisite pottery patterns on display at the museum exude the cultural identity and spirituality of Vietnam and are a must-see as part of Arts & Culture experiences in Hanoi.

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