Heritage Experiences Combine Tea, Calligraphy and Tienji to Broaden the Mind

Our team in Singapore can now connect travellers to the ancient wonders of Asia, through personally crafted experiences in meditation, tea preparation and calligraphy.

Discover the secrets behind ‘Tienji Movement Meditation’ with bespoke Tai Chi based sessions crafted for individuals, couples or groups. Guests can choose from, Morning Qi Sessions (invigoration and preparation for the day), Recuperative Tai Chi Therapy (experience loosening of joints and deep release of tension), Tienji Meditation (wind down end-of-day sessions to reset emotionally and provide mental clarity – great preparation for sleep). All sessions increase mindfulness.

The ‘Art of Tea & Mindfulness’ is introduced through a range of tasting options while an expert reveals the culture and history of ancient tea. In this experience a Tea Master will curate sessions featuring fine and rare teas, mindfully prepared in a traditional ceremonious manner.

Get creative with ‘Ink & Brush, Stillness & Motion’ as we bring the art of brushwork and ink alive. An award-winning Master Calligrapher will introduce the art of calligraphy. Choose from introductory or intermediate level classes, and for the full experience, combine with Tienji Movement Meditation, as it will set the scene for a more mindful traditional ink and brush session.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Singapore at:
[email protected]

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