Exploring Koyasan and its Hidden Forests on an Ancient Pilgrimage

Our private tour offers guests an exclusive experience in Koyasan, only made possible through a professional guide who is also a monk living in the area. During the tour, this monk will reveal some of the significant historical sites in Okunoin and talk about Kobo Daishi (Kukai)’s teaching on nature, legends of Koyasan, daily life in the temple and the history of Koyasan.

Around 10:30 am guests have the opportunity to see a ritual ceremony called Shojingu Ritual, in which monks bring food to their master Kobo Daishi: the founder of Koyasan twelve century ago, believed to be alive, and praying for people’s salvation. You can also visit the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi.

Your guide will then show you a hidden forest area called “Women Pilgrims Route”, said to be the most beautiful trail of among the mountain paths around Koyasan. Just one minute into the mountain path and you will be brought into another world – such is the contrast between the monasteries area and the dense quiet forest! The path is an easy walk followed by 20 to 30 minutes along a flat forest trail.

Lunch is a “Sasazushi bento”, the local cuisine of Koyasan. “Sasazushi” is a beautifully wrapped sushi in a bamboo leaf. Hot drinks like green tea, coffee, and tea will be also provided. Guests enjoy their stay with spectacular panoramas of the World Heritage Site Kii mountain range.

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