Mouthwatering Ideas from our Food & Drink Expert

Destination Asia Japan is delighted to have recently connected with a local food and drink expert who will lead special day tours to a vineyard and whiskey distillery in Yamanashi prefecture, just outside Tokyo. Although wine is not the first drink that comes to mind when thinking of Japan, in recent years Japanese wines have experienced a rise in popularity on the international scene, not just for their novelty factor but also their unique taste.

After a ride on the train we take a vehicle overland to the vineyard where a wine tasting session commences (of course!) as well as a delicious lunch. Next stop is at a whiskey distillery, where clients learn about the fermentation process before having the option of visiting an ancient temple, or the largest private collection of Keith Haring artwork before returning to Tokyo.

Our expert can also provide visits to sake breweries on the edge of Tokyo as well as craft beer breweries in Kamakura. Tell us more about your clients’ interests and we can tailor the perfect match – we would be happy to put his knowledge to the test for you.

e: [email protected]

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