Nature and Sustainability Take Center Stage at I Light Marina Bay 2017

SG_lightMarina Asia Talk‘I Light Marina Bay’ is a sustainable light installation taking place at the iconic Marina Bay waterfront in Singapore from 3-26 March 2017. The free admission event will feature a total of 20 sustainable light art installations in the fifth edition of Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival. There’s a surprise change in store for visitors this year: there will be three themed festival hubs at different locations—The Promontory, The Float and the Bayfront event space. Located at The Promontory, The Fantastical World of organized by The Rice Company Ltd will have activities like a recycling and upcycling marketplace, an urban farming showcase, theater and live music performances, arts and crafts fair and range of food carts serving local favorites. The event is utopia for Instagrammers, with a fascinating landscape of photo opportunities.

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