Join our Guide Bhudi on a Tour of Ubud & Surroundings

Bhudi has been a Destination Asia Indonesia guide for 20 years and the love he has for his work and his locale, the town of Ubud in the uplands of Bali, is captivating and infectious. You can see the attraction from the moment you get here. Known for its charming coffee shops, delicious cuisine and hiking trails, it is set amid gentle hills and impossibly green rice fields with forests lingering on the outskirts. Ubud features winding streets that retain every bit of their age-old charm, temples, shrines and revered sacred sites, exquisitely tranquil gardens, fascinating little shops and more than enough great places to sit back with a cold drink and a bite to eat while you watch Ubud life pass by.

Join Bhudi on a virtual tour through Ubud! Click on the video below…

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