Singapore Eases Border Controls

Cautiously relaxing its border controls, Singapore has unilaterally opened its borders to Australia (excluding Victoria State), Brunei, New Zealand and Vietnam, as the country bids to revive its tourism and travel markets.

Visitors from the four countries who have remained in their country of origin in the last consecutive 14 days prior to their visit to Singapore, will not have to serve a stay-home notice upon arrival. Instead, they will undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport and will only be allowed to travel in Singapore after receiving a negative test result.

Visitors will need to apply for an Air Travel Pass between seven and 30 days before their intended date of arrival in Singapore. They will also be responsible for their medical bills should they require medical treatment for COVID-19 while in Singapore.

The stay-home notice period for visitors from Macau, mainland China, Taiwan, and Malaysia will be shortened from the current 14 days to seven days. They will also be tested for COVID-19 before the end of their stay-home notice at their place of residence.

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