Award Winning Sukau Rainforest Lodge Gets an Upgrade

Malaysia presents opportunities to immerse in virgin rainforests and explore surging waterways harboring all kind of wildlife quite unlike anywhere else on our planet. Enhancing the travelers’ experience of this natural world has been a key development point for the award winning Sukau Rainforest Lodge, nestled on the banks of one of Borneo’s most important waterways, the Kinabatangan River. The lodge is comprised of 20 villas that offer much more space and luxuries compared to the previous accommodations. Guests can also take advantage of the newly constructed Attenborough Boardwalk to experience the towering rainforest landscapes, see more wildlife up close and stand amongst the plethora of birdlife.

A restaurant built on stilts along the Kinabatangan River presents stunning panoramic views of the scenic Kinabatangan River while the Gomantong Hall has been refurbished into a cozy, Borneo inspired space for guests to relax in.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge has been awarded the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, which is a network of world-class accommodations where sustainability is the touchstone and the guest experience is exceptionally rich and meaningful.

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