Organic Balinese Healing Experience

Located at Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa healing is inspired by the Balinese way of life. The system encourages a harmonious relationship between the spirit, environment and with one another, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. Combined with the soothing power of traditional Balinese massage, aromatic oils are applied and absorbed through the skin and carried around the body, stimulating its natural immune system. Guests can select their favorite scent from an array of Fivelements aromatherapy blends with pure phyto essences.

Once the massage is complete, guests are invited to participate in Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony and Meditation. Agni Hotra is an ancient fire ceremony originating from the sacred vedic hindu texts. Agni refers to fire and Hotra represents healing. Specially trained priests make offerings into a fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras during this spiritual process.

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