Planning Ahead for Tet (Vietnamese New Year)

Tet Lunar New Year in Vietnam will take place 24-29 January 2020. Based on our experience from previous years, we recommend guests to travel in Vietnam before 20 Jan 2020 and from 1 February 2020 onwards.

Our available preferred guides have already been assigned for that period and for an optimal experience we’d recommend to look into alternative dates going forward.

Here are a few factors to be aware of during this period:

–  Travelers who are visiting larger cities during the holidays may encounter empty streets as Vietnamese people return to their home town to celebrate the  New Year with their families.

–  Rates for travel during that period have surcharge for guide and transportation already factored in. Most restaurants, shops and several sites will be closed. We may adjust itineraries and restaurants accordingly.

Finally, our office will have a reduced team on duty for emergencies but will not be available to confirm availability or visa requests for any new enquiries from Thursday 23 January to Thursday 30 January as many suppliers will be on full closure. We recommend to finalize all pending bookings by the 2nd week of January.

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