Sensational Phu Quoc Island Offers Diversity for Travellers

Located in far southern reaches of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is considered as a shining pearl with white-sand beaches brushing its perimeter and a tropical jungle clambering over its central peaks. The island exudes a laid-back vibe with some of the country’s most inviting stretches of sand and plenty of exploratory routes to uncover. Coral reefs form beyond the water’s edge, gentle streams flowing through its heart and the seafood restaurants are simply magnificent. The most stunning landscapes await visitors to Phu Quoc during the dry season from October to April. Accommodation choices are rapidly expanding as more luxury brands add their name to the island.

Phu Quoc is the only destination in Vietnam where a visa exemption is available for all nationalities. It is designated as a Special Economic Zone within the Vietnam hospitality industry meaning visitors are eligible for 30-day visa exemption.

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