Preserving Kmer Silk Ikat Through Responsible Tours at IKTT

Throughout history Khmer silk weaving has been regarded among the best in the world, however, after years of war, this ancient art form has nearly vanished. Founded in 1996 by Kikuo Morimoto, the non-profit Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles (IKTT) in Siem Reap specialises in the revival of Khmer silk ikat.

To support them in their endeavour, Destination Asia Cambodia is now offering online interactive weaving tours in partnership with IKTT in Siem Reap. Guests will be able to learn this traditional practice as seen during the Angkor Dynasty and tour the traditional forest that has been replanted to cultivate the materials required, including the natural dyes and the silk itself.  

Traditional wisdom and culture is paramount to achieving sustainable, long-term development. As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, IKTT aims to ensure Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage is preserved and continued. All fabrics are created entirely by hand, with each thread passing through the hands of IKTT artisans more than once, as they are spun, dyed, tied, and woven. Each member of the IKTT team starts at the apprenticeship level, progressing in knowledge over a ten-year development to the level of a master artisan. The quality of their textiles comes not only from the skills acquired in the process but also from the emotion involved.

IKTT also works collaboratively with individuals and organisations worldwide to promote and educate on sustainable long-term social, environmental and economic growth. By sharing knowledge and information, they hope to inspire and support others in working towards a sustainable future. 

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