Sampling Sake in a Local Kyoto Tavern

As a general rule, our clients will take part in sake tastings at a standard sake brewery, however, on occasion the breweries do not allow visitors into those areas where the actual sake brewing takes place due to hygienic reasons. This can be quite disappointing – so we have found an alternative to avoid such situations.

After exploring the charming streets of Kyoto, guests head to a characterful local izakaya (classic Japanese tavern) run by an ex-fisherman and sake aficionado. He will provide five different sake samplings chosen from the wide stock, each matched with the clients’ preferred taste. Accompanying these are three small fish-based dishes (one raw, one fried and one grilled), whose umami enhances the subtle and deep flavors of sake.

It can be intimidating for foreigners to enter these local establishments as the menus are only in Japanese, but our knowledgeable guide provides all the necessary translations and interpreting in order to create a truly authentic and local experience.

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