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Promoting Local Culture Through our Entertainment Factsheets

Want to introduce your clients to an evening of local entertainment so they can connect with a country’s culture on a natural and rewarding level? It’s not easy knowing which shows are authentic, and even less so knowing how to book a show that is a very local event. That’s why we developed a set of factsheets detailing local entertainment options in each of our 11 operating countries.

Spice up your clients’ evening with a one-off martial arts demonstration, traditional dance or puppet show. Or make a real spectacle with a light show, circus act or acrobatic performance.

Asian culture is extremely diversified, boasts a colorful and rich history and we are constantly looking at ways to connect our guests with it. Through promotion of local shows, we enable your clients to gain an understanding of regional culture, and ultimately, help protect local communities by keeping their culture alive and present.

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