The Peak Tram to Receive a Make Over

Considered one of the “must-do” attractions when visiting Hong Kong, The Peak Tram, has been transporting visitors up to Victoria Peak for over 130 years and is the steepest funicular railway in the world.

However, over the next 2-3 months, our wonderful Peak Tram will commence phase one of a substantial upgrade project, giving it a full make-over! We can expect replacement of the current tramcars, which have a capacity of 120 passengers, with new 210 passenger tramcars. As a result of the larger tramcars, the full haulage system will get an upgrade and the location of the lower terminus will be moved further up the hill to accommodate the larger carriages.

If you are visiting Hong Kong during the suspension period, all is not lost, visitors can still easily access Victoria Peak for the iconic panoramic views it is so famous for with plenty or public transport options as well as private vehicles which Destination Asia Hong Kong can of course assist with.

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