Revealing a Hidden Side of Saigon

Destination Asia Vietnam has created a morning exploration taking guests over Khanh Hoi bridge toward District 4 for a different view of Saigon’s daily life – highlighting the contrast between two neighboring areas. Navigating small alleyways and side streets, guests are exposed to daily life Vietnamese style. After visiting Xom Chieu market and a tiny pagoda, we then make our way toward Tan Thuan bridge and district 7 and walk along the channel to witness a unique scene – a collection Page 6 of 8 of boats docked along the bank selling of fruits grown in farms from the Mekong Delta. The boats are not only a means of transportation, but are the homes of their owners.

Travelling deeper into the center of district 7, we discover the Phu My Hung community, a Garden City with numerous parks and green spaces to explore. Walking along the streets of Phu My Hung guests experience a very different side of Saigon – the exuberant life of this new city. At midday we make our way downtown, stopping en-route to enjoy a refreshing drink at a local coffee shop.

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