New Geisha Experience in Kanazawa

Following the popularity of our program in Kyoto that allows guests to spend an evening with a geisha, Destination Asia Japan has developed a new geisha dining experience in Kanazawa. Kanazawa is a town in Japan where the traditional ‘old town’ has survived untouched, allowing visitors a glimpse into the historical heart of the country’s heritage. Parts of the old castle town, such as the Nagamachi samurai district and Chaya entertainment districts remain just as they did when first constructed.

Today the geisha culture still flourishes in Kanazawa, and on this special occasion the doors of the Kaikaro Chaya will open exclusively for your clients. Kaikaro is registered as an Important Cultural Property and remains one of the few teahouses (geisha houses) that still operate today. In this wonderful setting guests can enjoy an exquisite Kaiseki meal of Kaga cuisine (local cuisine of Kanazawa) and free flowing drinks with two geisha. The okami (mistress) of the teahouse speaks English and will guide guests through the evening.

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