Tasting the Roots of Balinese Culture

Undergo a journey taking you back to the very beginning of Balinese Hinduism, tracing the evolution of this unique culture that has influenced an entire Nation. Evolved over centuries from a mix of Buddhism and Hinduism combined with the influences of the Javanese empire, the attributes of Hinduism on the island of Bali are best explored through traditional cuisine. Destination Asia Indonesia engage guests in an afternoon of food preparation and dining, centred about the locally revered dish of “Babi Guling”.

Only found on the island of Bali, Babi Guling is a suckling pig prepared following traditional methods. However our program first introduces guests to Bapak Enong Ismail, curator of the Sukarno Museum and the leading expert on the recently world heritage listed Pakerisan River area and its ancient temples. We explore his private house that sits among rice fields and listen to a short lecture at the private house of and monuments. We then watch the process and preparation of “Babi Guling”, with the option of participating and assisting your local hosts for a hands-on experience. The entire process takes place in the setting of Enong’s House, with locals joining in the preparation of this distinctive Balinese meal. As the meal slowly cooks we embark on a visit to three heritage temples and monuments that trace the creation of the Balinese Hindu Religion “Hindu Dharma” from the 8th to the 12th century, providing a complete overview of Hinduism from its roots to present day in Bali.

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