EU Lifts Ban on All Indonesia Airlines

The EU’s executive body, the European Commission, recently cleared all Indonesian carriers from the EU Air Safety List following further improvements to the country’s aviation safety situation. The ban was revoked after a positive assessment of Indonesia’s flight safety by the International Civil Aviation Organization in October last year and the EU aviation audit agency in March this year.

This will undoubtedly raise confidence in the carriers and those wanting to take advantage of the many flight routes that lead to the spectacular islands of Indonesia. Now meeting global aviation standards, domestic airlines can also become more competitive, adding extra benefits for the 17 million tourists expected to visit Indonesia in 2017.

Aviation expert Gerry Soejatman recently told a regional Asia newspaper that the EU’s move recognizes the capability of the domestic aviation regulator to provide adequate safety oversight and surveillance of Indonesia-based airlines. “The big impact on the industry is not about the possibility of our airlines flying to Europe, but about aircraft insurance rates, the ability of Europeans to fly using those airlines in Indonesia and have insurance coverage from their European insurers.”

We are very excited by this news at Destination Asia Indonesia as we fully expect more agencies to show an interest in the country. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, home to astounding biodiversity, entrancing traditions and warm, welcoming people who are only too happy to share their exciting culture.

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