The Freedom of Exploring Japan by Motorbike

Explore Central Japan in style with the freedom to stop when and where you please. Traveling on a motorbike opens a world of possibilities – whether exploring the country independently or in a group. This can be achieved by simply renting a bike on its own, or with additional assistance – including the option of a luggage truck for larger groups (up to 10 bikes), that can carry any extras.

Our bike pickup point is in central Tokyo, with one bike equipped with an English GPS and a route pre-loaded into it (so guests don’t have to worry about getting lost). Each bike is also provided with a card that automatically pays road toll fees, so there is no need to stop at the booths along the way (the balance must be paid by you when you drop off your bike). Our route forays into some of the country’s most exquisite landscapes, from Mt. Akagi and the Shirane Mountains to preserved ancient villages such as Shirakawago. In quaint hot spring towns we find time to reflect on our journey and relax with a delicious kaiseki dinner and onsen baths.

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