The Khmer Salt and Pepper Experience in Cambodia

Adventure to Cambodia and discover some of the best salt and pepper in the world! Cambodia’s greatest exports include two famous spices, known locally as Cambodian gold. Join us on a magical journey across this remarkable land to discover how salt and pepper are farmed and produced to supply the international markets.

This fun-filled travel experience takes you on an educational adventure into parts of Cambodia that lay off the beaten track. The salt fields are found amid desolate marshlands bordered by the sea, where field workers meticulously prepare and prime the land.  The pepper plantations are found high in the hills with spectacular views over the nearby coasts (check out the video below!) and offer a completely different experience from the salt fields. The pepper is grown in tidy rows by local workers who explain in detail how Cambodian Kampot pepper is sown and harvested as fresh peppercorns. The distinct aroma of this tasty spice lingers after tasting as you learn about the fascinating past and present of the industry in spectacular surroundings.

Click Here to see the beauty of Kep, Kampot and nearby Rabbit Island from above.

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