The Kings of Thailand Tower Over Hua Hin

Hua Hin continues to develop as a tourism center close to Bangkok, offering more and more attractions for visitors to this royal town. The latest development is certainly worth a visit and is guaranteed to impress any traveler. Ratchaphakdi Museum Park recently opened where guests can view the megalithic statues of the ‘Kings’ of Thailand, each weighing approximately 30 tons, standing 13.9 meters tall and 6 meters wide.

The models represent the nine Kings of Thailand from the Sukhothai to Rattanakosin periods. The park, located in an area nearby to Klai Kangwon Palace is intended to demonstrate the Thai people’s loyalty to the royal institution. The park will also function as a venue for civic occasions as well as a place for those wanting to learn more about Thailand’s history. An informative museum and exhibition center are located under the statues.

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