The Rich Coffee Plantations of Da Lat

Located on the central highland of Vietnam, Da Lat city is not only a location to discover blossoming flowers and bountiful farms, but also deliciously lush coffee plantations. The French introduced Arabica coffee trees (Robusta Coffee) to the area, planting them on the central highland of Vietnam in the early 1920s. Since then, local ethnic farmers have mastered growing and fertilization techniques to produce exceptional coffee. Today, besides the popular coffee types of Robusta or Moka, a favored coffee is the interestingly named Weasel Coffee. According to local coffee drinkers, weasel is a result of the selection of the very best available coffee beans.

Vietnamese coffee purists prefer to balance the bitter taste of coffee by adding a touch of condensed milk (Ca phe sua da) or even some eggs (ca phe trung). Numerous coffee plantations can be found in the rural areas of Da Lat city and at the foot of Lang Biang Mountain sits K’Ho village, one of the very best coffee farms to visit. On visiting this particular plantation, we can introduce guests to the 4th generation of farmers, namely Rolan Co Lieng and husband Joshua Guikema, who are only too happy to tell the story of their livelihood.

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