Kaolao Cave to Reopen After New Facilities Built

Kaolao Cave in Nam-Eng Village, Luang Namtha province, will reopen at the end of this year after closing for five months so visitor amenities can be built. The decision was made to close the popular cave by the Culture and Tourism Department as facilities were deemed inadequate.

Footpaths and lighting are being installed inside, followed by an information centre, restaurant, souvenir shop and art exhibition room. The work is taking place in several phases with walkways and electricity first being installed, after which authorities will open the cave.

The cave is roughly 12km from the main town in Viengphoukha district in Northern Laos, a region known to draw many visitors through the winter months as villages are inhabited by ethnic groups and temples are draped in colours throughout the Sing district. Visitors can buy beautiful silk, paper and other handicrafts made by the Akha, Yao and Hmong peoples. There is also a wide variety of local foods to enjoy, such as khaoxoy (noodle soup with soybean sauce, tomatoes, minced pork and onion).

This northern corner of Laos also provides exceptional adventure-based activities such as trekking and kayaking in the Nam Ha National Protected Area.

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