Tree Top Explorer Opens in Southern Laos

Laos is abundant in lush tropical jungle landscapes. Its extensive plateaus, deep valleys, mighty rivers and pristine forests attract both nature lovers and adventure seekers who climb, canoe, bike and trek through this rugged land. Travelers can now go one step further and fly through the tree canopy on a zip-line. The new tree top explorer in Ban Nongluang, just east of Paksong in Southern Laos provides guests with an exhilarating rush as they fly over deep ravines and past soaring waterfalls.

Those who stay two or three nights can reside at the Jungle Hotel Paksong, located in a picturesque valley basin within Dong Hua Sao National Park. The hotel forms part of a small village in the midst of a dense forest surrounded by rising cliffs and glorious waterfalls. The single room huts are made entirely from local materials and are nestled in the tree tops up to 20 meters above ground level.

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