Thailand’s First Artisanal Resort Opened in Chiang Mai

Raya Heritage recently opened a Lanna-culture inspired, thirty-three suite resort in the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai. Nestled in a green garden on the banks of the Ping River, Raya Heritage is just a 20-minute drive from the town centre. The concept stems from Lanna culture’s simple, elegant approach to life and art, and the social value placed on living in balance with nature and the surrounding community.

Raya Heritage’s design team worked closely with local weavers, potters, woodcarvers and other artisans in small towns and village communities around the north of Thailand for two years prior to opening, and their work is showcased throughout the resort. Natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp and linen hail from weaving cooperatives in villages in the North of Thailand which are among the last anywhere in Thailand to employ age-old methods of spinning and weaving.

Khu Khao is Raya Heritage’s signature restaurant where the resort’s Executive Chef has created a unique culinary concept. Drawing influence from the greater Lanna region, his dishes are inspired by northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Yunnan, China.

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