Famous Bird Sanctuary Ready to Take Flight in Singapore

Jurong Bird Park was a top attraction in Singapore, but its owners wanted to spread their wings wider, and it’s set to take flight again soon, with a new name, a new location – Bird Paradise in Mandai Wildlife Reserve – and a whole lot more to see, do and enjoy.   

The new park will have eight walk-in aviaries – up from four at Jurong. It will also feature a variety of new, immersive, natural habitats that are home to a fascinating mix of birdlife, reflecting different ecologies that span the world from dense African rainforests to South American wetlands, Southeast Asian paddy fields to dry Australian eucalyptus forests and more. There are around 3,500 birds from more than 400 species here, and an estimated 24% of them are classified as under threat. They include critically endangered birds of high conservation value, such as the Philippine eagle, Vietnam pheasant and Negros bleeding-heart pigeon.

The operators, Mandai Wildlife Group, are keen to get their visitors involved with a close-up look at conservation. So, the transitional zones between habitats will be used as educational spaces with information on the birds and their behavioural patterns. A 2,000-seater amphitheatre will also offer presentations, including flying demonstrations. And kids can have tons of fun at Treetop Play, a dry play area inspired by the movement of birds in tree canopies, and Egg Splash, a wet play area that showcases the fascinating variety of water birds’ eggs.
For more information, get in touch with our team in Singapore at:  [email protected]

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