Venturing Into Hong Kong’s Local Communites

Destination Asia Hong Kong has developed a fascinating walking tour through Chinatown, revealing the colonial history of Hong Kong. Local expert guides discuss the development of the Central district since the inception of British rule in 1841, revealing the stories behind the extensive waterfront developments that give Hong Kong its distinct character.

The program then takes guests west on the old street tram to Sheung Wan, where a diverse selection of traditional Chinese medicine products can be found. After learning how to use some of these ingredients we continue with a walk to Tai Ping Shan. Since the early days of colonial rule, Tai Ping Shan has been the site of Hong Kong’s first China Town. At first a vibrant community attracting Chinese immigrants, it later became a slum and was severely affected by the bubonic plague in the 1890s. We visit the compelling Pak Sing Ancestral Hall that was once a store room for those who lost their lives at this time. From here we proceed to Hong Kong’s famous Man Mo temple, erected in 1847 for worship to the gods of literature and war.

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