Amazing Street Art Race in Penang

Inspired by the hit TV series, The Amazing Race, our Amazing Street Art Race takes guests on an entertaining cultural and artistic adventure through the streets of Penang. A superb program for meeting and incentive groups, the teambuilding exercises inspire logical thinking, problem solving and effective teamwork. With activities taking participants across Georgetown, the teams must cycle, ride in a pedi-cab or walk as they hunt for pieces of street art while solving clues on their journey.

The race is an excellent way to experience the unique cultures and vibrant mix of races living in Penang along with famous heritage sights that give George Town its unique identity. The Amazing Steet Art Race allows guests the chance to view the artistic works of Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithuania-born artist who has become exceedingly popular in Penang after completing a series of murals entitled ‘Mirrors George Town’ as part of the George Town Festival.

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