Attempt the Ancient Skill of Weaving Rattan in Penang

Mr Sim Buck Teik has been recognized as a Living Heritage Treasure of Penang for his amazing skills at weaving rattan and bamboo, passed down to him from his Chinese father. While he no longer works full time, Buck Teik loves sitting in Seang Hin Leong, his shop on Beach Street and simply watching the world go by.  He has passed the business on to his children, but he and the family love to entertain visitors by giving them an introduction to this centuries-old skill.

In a three-hour session at their charming heritage shop, guests are guided through a simple rattan weaving experience, and treated to their stories and experiences while they busy themselves with work. After completing their simple but fascinating task, guests can take of course take the finished product home and show off their workmanship.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Malaysia at:
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