Welcoming New Team Members With An In-Depth Tour Around George Town

As we look forward to a fruitful year ahead, we’ve welcomed several new members to the Destination Asia Malaysia team. Part of their learning process is to get familiar with the destination, just as our clients experience it, so our new team members were treated to an in-depth tour of George Town’s rich history with one of our destination experts.

This walk started at Chowrasta Market, one of the oldest wet markets in Malaysia established the traders from India in the 1900s. It then passed along the so-called streets of harmony, which house four different places of worship from the four main religions in Malaysia. All along the route, the destination expert continued to amaze the team by sharing fascinating in-depth gems of history; the kind of gems we know they’ll be passing on to their own clients, with a few more from their own research, as they develop.

For more information, get in touch with our reservation team in Malaysia at:  [email protected]

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