A Culinary Journey with Cambodian Chef Lak

Chef Nak (real name Rotanak Ros) has developed an enviable reputation for her work with Cambodian cuisine, taking the lead in preserving and honouring the nation’s vast array of superb and often unique dishes. This charming and disarmingly friendly chef now invites guests for a cooking class followed by dinner at her beautiful, old-style wooden home on the banks of the Mekong River, a short ferry ride from Phnom Penh.

Traditional Khmer music drifts through the air as guests enter her kitchen to begin their class, where they learn the traditional methods of preparing real Khmer food. Then it’s time to relax by the pool while dinner is prepared. The menu varies greatly, depending on what’s seasonally available – as well as what has caught the chef’s eye while she’s at the market. But it might include exotica like banana flower salad with chicken breast, or a simple noodle soup or even amok, a coconut fish curry, or lok lak, a beef recipe made with Cambodia’s famous kampot pepper, both of which are considered the country’s national dishes.   There are also plentiful cocktails for guests to enjoy as they take in the evening air and chill out around the pool.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Cambodia at: [email protected]

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