Discover the Ruins of Aran in Laos

Laos presents the opportunity to immerse in untouched, spectacular and always enchanting natural landscapes. Crossing the Mekong River into Laos invigorates a sense of adventure from within. Leaving the busy roads and cityscapes behind, we take to boats and pathways, trekking through caves and along rivers to discover a land of untold beauty.

In Hin Boun we board a riverboat and journey into the high limestone outcrops of the Hin Boun Natural Biodiversity Conservation Area. Here it is possible to catch sight of clouded leopards, civet cats and tigers in a landscape of orchids, cycads and intriguing epiphytes. Our destination is a riverside village where we refresh ourselves in the water and meet with local families, sharing cultural traits and learning to appreciate a very foreign way of life.

The villagers in the region are said to live their lives around the history and mystery of the ruins of Aran. One afternoon our guests follow a path leading through a one kilometer cavernous track, taking them literally through a mountain to the other side. On reaching the opening a secluded valley appears, the site where the Ancient City of Aran once stood. Search the overgrown ruins and learn about their mysterious history as we delve into a hidden era of Southeast Asia’s history.

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