Penang and The Hill Where The Flag is Raised

A quick look at a map of Penang Island will tell you that hills are a common landform. The hills are therefore Penang’s core in a more intrinsic way than George Town. Penang Hill came to be called ‘Seng Khee Suarh’ in local Hokkien parlance – literally meaning, ‘The Hill Where the Flag is Raised’. Destination Asia Malaysia organizes guided Temple & Hill Tours that allow visitors to appreciate a magnificent sunset.

Evening is notably the best time; the splendor of the sky, shot with gold and interspersed with majestic clouds. While the adventurous ones can hike to the summit, most visitors will prefer to hop on the world’s longest funicular train for a tranquil ride up. Upon reaching the summit, visitors are treated to panoramic views of George Town and Butterworth from the recently opened 750 meter long observation deck, dubbed the “Skywalk”.

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