Hanoi Architecture with a Local Specialist

The French colonial architectural remnants built from 1873 to 1954, has left Hanoi with a bedazzling blend of Eastern influences intertwined with fresh Western features.

Destination Asia Vietnam takes guests on a journey through time as we step onto the streets and connect with a series of buildings echoing the atmosphere from this era. From the starting point at University of Pharmancy of Ha Noi and Opera House, our local architecture specialist explains defining characteristics as we walk along the very first colonised street in Hanoi – Trang Thi. We also reflect upon some of the city’s most culturally iconic symbols, from resplendent governors’ buildings used by Vietnamese authorities to State Banks and The Palace of Presidents. We delve into their past and gain an understanding of the various uses they have undergone over recent centuries. Admired in the daily life of Hanoians, the juxtaposing elements of Hanoi’s architectural feats have melded to create one of Asia’s most charming and aesthetically pleasing destinations to explore on foot.

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