29Rooms Makes its Asia Debut in Singapore

The 29Rooms concept has won acclaim and rave reviews across the US and has now made its Asia debut in Singapore. It features 29 rooms, all offering an environment with its own enchanting aromas, sounds and textures, and all based on individual themes that are creative, brilliant and sometimes more than a touch bizarre. As just a few examples from the amazing array of experiences, there’s an all-white room where visitors are encouraged to throw paint around; an insomnia room made entirely of mattresses; even a room that pays tribute to the solace one finds only in the “smallest room in the house” – the bathroom.

While it’s clearly a photogenic Instagram natural, it also has an overarching theme that stimulates thought and reflection. Mixing collaborations with local artists and international names including Margot Robbie, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Roberts, Solange, RuPaul, Janelle Monae and Jason Wu, it aims to make sure you have unforgettable fun but also learn a little bit more about yourself and your life.

Spanning 4,500 sq m at the iconic Gardens by the Bay, 29Rooms runs from Feb 3 to Apr 16. For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Singapore at:
[email protected]

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